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Online classes are available only in Russian at the moment
«Танцевальный» блок:
1. Очо вперед: баланс, техника, украшения.
2. Очо назад: объятие, техника, украшения.
3. Развиваем вариативность: украшения в поворотах.
4. Хиро: базовая техника, круговое движение, украшения.
5. Болео вперёд и назад: техника, безопасность, украшения.
6. Очо кортадо, кресты, сложные украшения.
7. Динамика и украшения: упражнения для работы с разной скоростью.
8. Поворот: объятие + вращение (базовая техника скручивания/очо)

Мини-курс «Объемное движение: готовим тело и мозг к танцу»:
1. Самая базовая база: баланс, центр, ось, смена веса, заземление/расслабление, работа ТБС и других суставов ног и т/д.
2. Работа корпуса: как проверить и починить скрутку. Суставы рук, грудная клетка, спина, скручивания и т/д.
3. Объемное движение: синхронизация верха и низа во время кругового движения/движения в разных плоскостях.
4. Вращения: синхронизация работы опорной и свободной ног, верха и низа, оси и спиралей. Баланс между собранностью и расслаблением.


Tango Inspiration Online
You will like this project if
No inspiration
You are looking for inspiration
It happens that crisis comes even in a favorite passion.
No inspiration
No regular classes
You have no opportunity of regular study
You live in another country, outside the city or just do not coincide with the schedule of tango groups.
No regular classes
No regular partner
You don't have a partner
Absence of a permanent dance partner is not a reason to despair and stop development.
No regular partner
Elegance is Simple by Elena Sergienko
Too much information
You are stuck in the swamp of information
Different approaches and methods of training often look contradictory and confusing.
No time
You don't have a lot of time
You yourself want to choose when and how much time you spend on your favorite hobby.
Looking for perfection
You are looking for brand new ways to self improve
The modern world provides many opportunities for growth and learning.
My name is Еlenа, I teach tango since 2010 and travel a lot with workshops. After the workshops I am often asked about effective ways to practice new skills in order to constantly grow. I'm sure that this project will be a convenient tool for all who seek development and inspiration.
Elena Sergienko
Elena Sergienko
Author of the Project, tango teacher and dancer
The best testimonial of the teacher is students' feedback
Coming to the workshop of a teacher who loves her profession, who is very generous in sharing knowledge and skills and who is also very attentive to students is priceless. Structure and consistency in presenting information, easy explanations and clear exercises enhance consciousness and make an impression that tango is simple...
Kristina Gevorkyan
Teacher of robot technology for children, Rostov-on-Don
Lena is an amazing teacher also in that she has no need to demonstrate you how incredible she is. She shows you instead how incredible you can be. In a truly magical way: when she looks at you, at your body, at the way you move, you have an impression that you have been scanned by some super-computer...
Anton Radzevich
Script and play writer, Moscow
While listening to Rachmaninov play music, you start to play better as well. In tango you can also meet this kind of masters whose inner state has this magic. You just watch and then suddenly - something has changed in you...
Natalia Garna
Pianist from Trinidad Arfó orchestra, Kiev
Moscow tango school El Centro has been working with Elena Sergienko for several years. We often invite Lena to teach women tango technics. These lessons are always a great success and are extremely popular among both students of the school and experienced tango dancers in Moscow...
Ksenia Chichaeva
Teacher and director of El Centro school, Moscow
"Elegance is simple" briefly
For whom?
Dancers from other cities and countries
Especially those who attended the workshops and want to keep the same spirit
There are many of those among us who want to constantly develop and grow
Dancers without a partner
Finding "your" partner is not so easy, but we can do a lot on our own
Anyone interested in body development
Body is the instrument of cognition and communicating with the world and with oneself
How it will work?
You choose videos of practices
that you like.
Get a link to access the video.
Practice in a convenient place and at a convenient time. As long as you want.
You are doing your homework.
And then receive a personal feedback and answers to all your questions.
Celebrate your new skills and enjoy free elegant dance.

Right now we are working to make video practices available as soon as possible. Tell us if you want to be notified when it's ready.
We will also be happy with any of your ideas or comments you want to share.
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