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One dance. Same passion. Different views.

Original Tango Stories
Simple & Elegant Blog
One dance. Same passion. Different views.
Original Tango Stories
Simple & Elegant Blog
One dance. Same passion.
Different views.
Original Tango Stories
Elena Sergienko
What would happen if your spine had no curves?
We all know that too much flexion in the lower back prevents us from good dancing and is harmful to our health. A person who is afraid of this harmful tilt (or follows direction of his or her teacher), logically begins to avoid it. The problem is that most often he tries to achieve it by "twisting" the pelvis forward, "lowering" the tail, "straightening" the waist, and so on. This video briefly shows what would happen to us if the spine had no physiological curves.
Speaking of the dance, even usual steps with blocked hip joints and lower back (not to mention those long and elegant Tango steps we all aim for) would be simply painful.

Сorect movement habits and consciousness of what is happening while you dance is the way to Tango happiness!
Elena Sergienko
Inspirational Reading
"One well-known scientist says that if you try to describe your feelings, you will get a story about physical action. I will add that the closer the action to the physical, the less is your risk to rape the feeling."

We often talk about how making body act strict is less effective than giving it an internal task and letting it find it's own way. Not to just "hold the embrace", but understand why is it necessary at the first place. Then many details become obvious; the ones we haven't noticed while we constructing the form instead of taking care of the content.

For those who are interested in the inner action, the motion logic and the body freedom, I recommend the books of Konstantin Stanislavsky ( First of all, "An Actor Prepares" in which many psycho trainings and images for the "inner truth" are described.

Enjoy your reading and dancing!
Elena Sergienko
The Real Reason for Brains
A fascinating story by a famous neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert "The Real Reason for Brains". About brain processes during the movement, the importance of practice and the low effectiveness of the "power approach" in the matter of motor development.

"We have a brain for one reason and one reason only, and that's to produce adaptable and complex movements. There is no other reason to have a brain."

"So I am a movement chauvinist. I believe movement is the most important function of the brain — don't let anyone tell you that it's not true."
"Tasks are symbolic — I want to drink, I want to dance — but the movement system has to contract 600 muscles in a particular sequence. And there's a big gap between the task and the movement system. So it could be bridged in infinitely many different ways. So think about just a point to point movement. I could choose these two paths out of an infinite number of paths. Having chosen a particular path, I can hold my hand on that path as infinitely many different joint configurations. And I can hold my arm in a particular joint configuration either very stiff or very relaxed. So I have a huge amount of choice to make."
Elena Sergienko
Simple Anatomy Playlist
Inside the Online Practices there will be some pictures and visual information for understanding specifics of body works in tango. While we are working on it, here's the Anatomy Playlist with some useful and simple videos describing how things work inside our bodies.

Understanding the physiology and the fundamentals of anatomy helped me in understand what my teachers have been telling me all this time and look differently at the technique and my dancing. Understanding means half done!
Elena Sergienko
Useful Reading
I am often asked what do I read on development of the body and the dance. I will publish some links, books and articles that I could recommend from time to time.

Today, «Inside motion» by John Rolland. There's a lot about alignment and balance, anatomy for dancers in simple words. It promotes the most important idea that the body and mind are indivisible and united, and one should not neglect either one or the other.

Most of the book consists of illustrations and simple exercises. You can easily find it in Internet.

Enjoy your reading and dancing!

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